About Us

The Lumient Promise

We offer a fully customizable range of services for any size business. Since there are several factors that influence an investment estimate, we are always upfront about the estimated cost of a project, and never over-promise. In addition, all of our services have no setup costs and no hidden fees.

Our Services

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Lumient was created because of the needs of people around us. When our friends and families decided to launch businesses, they wanted to hire a web design firm to help them create the perfect website. Unfortunately, what they wanted just didn’t seem to exist. Web developers¬†quoted outrageous prices, outsourced their websites to incompetent third parties, or just disappeared in the middle of jobs. It seemed like there wasn’t a company that was affordable, transparent and friendly. We set out to become that company.

Most web design firms prefer to build websites from the ground up. Although this may seem like a good idea, it’s just not required anymore. Whether your website was coded from scratch or built with the help of tools like WordPress or Shopify, the end result is the same. Both websites will look good, function well and be mobile optimized. It’s just that one site will take much longer to build and cost ten times the price, while also being impossible for you to use. That’s great for the web developer who can charge you by the hour every time you want to update your site or change a photo. It’s not so good for you.

At Lumient, we use great tools to build you great websites at great prices. That means that once your site is up and running, you have the money to invest in advertising and making sure that your site gets found by customers interested in what you have to offer. Lumient is here for you as you grow. We help scale your business by adapting your content creation and promotional strategies to the interests of your customers. A great website is just the beginning.