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Paid and Organic Search Results

April 25, 2018

What are paid results? What are organic results? How can you rank higher on Google? Read on to learn more. Paid results Paid results are the results you see when you search something on Google and ads appear. For example, if you search tropical vacation, you’ll see above all the search results some ads in a little box. Whatever website appears in the advertisement box paid Google to appear there. If you want to appear as a paid search result, you have to create called a PPC or pay-per-click campaign. You bid on the price that you will pay if someone clicks your ad. For example, if I want to appear on the top results for toasters, I might bid so that every time someone clicks a link and goes to my toaster e-commerce, I pay $1. You also set a maximum number of clicks. To continue with my example, I might say that I’m not willing to spend more than $20 per day on my PPC campaign,  so I would set my daily maximum price at $20. If someone sees my ad for toasters but doesn’t actually click it, I won’t have to pay anything. It’s only when they actually click on the ad and visits my website that it costs me money. Paid results for search term “toaster” Paid results can be effective but they can get expensive quickly. If most of the people that click your ad are just comparison shopping and they aren’t sure they want to buy, paid ads to increase your traffic without actually increasing your sales. Or people might click by mistake. That means that Google gets ad revenue, but all you get is wasted dollars and useless clicks by someone who isn’t interested in your product. Plus once you’ve gotten the clicks you paid for, no one finds your website. Unless you have a huge budget, you’ll be able to afford only a few paid clicks each day. The best part about paid results is just that they get you to the top of Google quickly. If you’re willing to pay a lot per click, people will find your business right away. You don’t have to have a website that’s older or with a good reputation. All you have to do is be willing to pay money to get clicks. Organic clicks and search results Organic clicks occur when a customer clicks on your website because you appeared as the top google search result without paying for any ads. When I search for “toaster”, these are the first three websites that I see. Top 3 organic results for search term “toaster” They aren’t there because they paid for ads. They appear first because Google thinks that they are very relevant to my search terms. Optimizing for organic clicks can be extremely powerful. If you are ranked number one for “buy glasses” or “tropical vacation” or “toaster” or whatever it is your business is centred around, you’re likely to make a large amount of money from sales. One of the reasons for this is that most people (in fact around 90%) never go past […]

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