How SEO helps your small business

You have your great idea, the one thing that you’re passionate about, that has good margins, that the world needs. So you decide to launch your e-commerce business. You’ve done the research, set up your website, and started to make sales. But how can you grow your client base to take your online business to the next level?

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a term that describes a variety of services and techniques that allow your business to be more visible online, as well as attract better clicks and a higher conversion rate, ultimately leading to more profits for your online business.

SEO Gives You Visibility

There are tons of potential clients out there, but they can’t buy your product if they can’t find you online. Using SEO services allows you to come up higher on Google search results, which means that customers see you first, rather than your competitors. Since 92% of people do not look past the first page of Google search results, it’s essential that you appear as one of the first results on Google.

Influencing how Google ranks you using their proprietary algorithm is called improving your “organic” search results. Organic search results are those that appear on the top of Google without paying for their top spots. They appear “naturally”, which is to say that they appear because Google’s algorithm finds them to be highly relevant to the search term entered.

For example, if you search “butcher Montreal”, the top result is likely to be highly relevant (the website for a butcher) and localized (in Montreal, or, if you live in Montreal and have locations services turned on, the one nearest to where you are at that moment). By creating a website that is highly relevant to your targeted search terms, you rank higher on Google. SEO consultants carefully curate your site to ensure that it has content which is optimized to your business, driving clicks to your site.

SEO Creates Sales

Search engine optimization ensures that the people clicking on your site are the kind of people likely to buy your products. You not only want more traffic, you want more relevant traffic.

For example, if you sell candles in Canada, if you get more traffic from people in the United States, or people who want to buy candle-making supplies, that won’t increase sales. SEO allows you to get more traffic from people who are within your target market and interested in what you are selling.

SEO Saves You Money

SEO can save you money over the long term because it can reduce the amount of money you spend on advertising. Rather than having to pay per click to bring customers to your site, using SEO allows you to attract them organically by ranking high on Google search results. You’ll get better clicks for less money.

Unlike advertisements, which cost you money each month and don’t provide you with anything permanent, SEO is a lasting investment in your business.

What now?

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