Lumient’s SEO experts will improve your advertising strategy by optimizing and updating which keywords you target. Your improved PPC campaign is just a click away.


PPC, also known as paid search advertising, works hand in hand with SEO in order to generate traffic and therefore sales for your company.The general concept behind PPC is that it lets you reach your targeted audience quicker by specifying who will see your ads. You can select your audience by either selecting specific keywords or demographic characteristics, and you only pay when someone performs an action on your ad.

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PPC campaigns are harder to manage then they may seem. Poorly managed campaigns are wasteful: they cost you money but only get you clicks from people who aren’t interested in buying your product or service. Using the wrong keywords, or targeting the wrong market can be expensive and ineffective. However, a well managed PPC campaign allows you to find new customers who are interested in what you have to offer very quickly at an affordable price.

Our PPC experts are experienced in not only building an effective campaign strategy, but also ensuring that the performance is optimized at all times during the campaign period. We ensure that the relevant metrics of conversion and click-through rates are constantly monitored and that the marketing costs are always controlled.