Website Features

All website packages include the following features:

60% of users browse the Internet on their phones or tablets. Our mobile-optimized websites look fantastic on any device. They can also be customized to offer a different experience on mobile and desktop.

Search-Engine Optimized

An attractive site isn’t enough – your customers have to be able to find you. A website that is search engine optimized loads quickly, contains text and images tagged with relevant keywords and ensures that you won’t be lost in the crowd.

Easy to Use

Once your site is complete, you won’t have to pay a web designer to change an image or add a product to your store. Lumient’s web designers will teach you how to use your site’s features so you can keep it updated. Or, if you prefer, they can update your site inexpensively.

Website Packages

Basic website package

This is ideal fr clients looking for a traditional website with no interactive features. If you’re a bakery, a bar, or a service company, this is perfect for you.

The basic website package features five pages of content. Usually, clients will choose to have these five: Home, About Us, Our Services, Contact Us, and one additional page such as an FAQ or a blog.

Medium website package

This is ideal for businesses that need to update their website frequently and provide a lot of information to potential clients. If you’re a lawyer, a consultant or a wholesaler, this is the website for you.

This website includes 10 pages. Clients will often to choose to have Home, About Us, Contact Us and Services pages, as well as six others fully customized to the specifics of their business. Whether you’re looking for an easy to use online booking system, an extensive FAQ section, or multiple landing pages to target various audiences, we can create the ideal site for you.

Large website package

This website is ideal for large businesses. If you’re a consultancy firm that offers a large number of services, a wholesaler who sells hundreds of products, or a service company with a wide array of offerings, this is the ideal website for you.

This website includes 14 pages. Clients will often to choose to have Home, About Us, Contact Us and Services pages, as well as ten other fully customized pages. Virtual catalogs, downloadable forms and questionnaires, seamless online booking and many more features are available.

To see websites we have created, visit our portfolio.